Not cool, Saturn. Not cool at all.

Slappy was against this, but now that the booze has kicked in, we’re including a link to the famous Goya painting he referenced for today’s strip. Might also explain the joke, if you’re confused.

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  1. Doug Puthoff

    Now that’s comedy!

    (Once I understood the Goya reference)

    I hope you do Darkseid before you bring Mr. C. back.

  2. Justin

    I can’t decide whats funnier; Saturn with his “baby back ribs” or Muhammad reading the Al Azif!!! Great job you guys.

  3. Fishy

    Oh come-on, didn’t they know Saturn’s story? :p

    Why don’t they invite the Flying Spaghetti Monster? He never ate any babies.

  4. LindaV

    Yes, but he’d get spaghetti sauce all over the cards.

  5. Doug Puthoff

    Is it me, or does Goya’s depicition of Saturn look disturbingly like the Muppet Sweetums.

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