Debunking for Dummies 101

O’Reilly: God Causes The Tides, Not The Moon

This. This is why we teach science in school. Basic, elementary school science.

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  1. Fred

    Given the number of people who reject evolution and a smaller number of people who reject basic geological processes, etc., perhaps Bill is someone who rejects the theory of gravity? (Also apparently some basic astronomy in light of his additional comments regarding sunrise.)

  2. Alverant

    Billo is one of those people who rejects whatever contradicts his world view, not just ignoring it like most others.

  3. Jim

    ” insisting that his message was simply the truth so how could it be offensive.” The “truth” card? Pretty weak. Other “truths” held to be self-evident in American History: Black people are 3/5th of a human being. Women are too fragile and emotional to be allowed to vote. Now before anyone’s head explodes, let me be clear: I’m not supporting O’Reilly. He is an ass. But neither the existence or non-existence of a God can ever be conclusively proven this side of the threshold of death. Both are, in the end, matters of faith and belief. And, unfortunately, both sides fail to recognize this.

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