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  1. LumFan

    Methinks that they are only focusing on the LGBT community, and letting that get in the way of their mission of helping the poor and the needy. And the Affordable Care Act is also an outrage to those very conservative Catholic bishops. This is all about control.

  2. Intern Mike

    On the first point about LGBT I’d say prove it. The LCWR look very dedicated and earnest in their mission and how it’s carried out. On the second I agree that it’s about control and that the Bishops are outraged about the Affordable Care Act; however, I think what they’re outraged about is baseless nonsense. They’re just playing their part to try and poke holes in the President during election time. I do agree that is about control when it comes to the LCWR. The Bishops have special hats and damn it they want that to be respected!

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