Don’t shake the snake

Don’t get me wrong, a man is dead and that’s a tragedy in itself, but seriously, folks, if you want to go around picking up snakes to prove your faith, that’s all well and good. But fer chrissakes, did you ever think that maybe the whole idea behind the growth of science and medicine is God’s way of following through on that promise about you not getting harmed?

Or maybe J was just making a metaphor.

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    1. herveus

      I sent two boats and a helicopter…

    2. b

      I’ve seen videos of snake-handling cults, they dance with the snakes in their hands, pass them around, music is loud, etc… This must be very stressful for the snakes, who are probably wild-caught. Most snakes don’t bite if they feel secure. But in the conditions those were handled, it doesn’t surprise me.

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