Nothing exceeds like excess

Remember when preachers used to preach that God is love?

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    1. Lubuwei

      Hey man, I’m from France, and after 2 days of reading your great comics since the beginning, I must say one thing : Keep going, man ! This is just awesome ! :D
      Favorite joke? The Quetzal-Cohen thing. I’m not anti-semitic at all, but I just laughed so much !

    2. Intern Mike


    3. Logan

      Please publish these cards. Please oh please.

    4. Jmunger

      Hey bud, if I can make a request. I’m forming a union at my call center and me and a few of my co-workers are a big fan of your comic. In the nature of political satire, Can I request a pro-union strip? I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

    5. Intern Mike

      Stay tuned Jmunger :-)

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