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The title of the strip pretty much tells you everything you need to know. How often have we all sat around wondering what would happen if Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Quetzalcoatl, Muhammad and C’thulhu sat around over a friendly games of cards? Often enough, let me tell you. Often enough. Well, wonder no more.

The strip originally ran for a very short time in 2001. However, the idea was popular enough with the folks who encountered it that Slappy decided to revisit the concept in 2007, starting the strip anew. No, you can’t see the old strips, although they may appear in a collection down the road.

Um… They’re Not All Gods, Now Are They?

No, no they’re not. Your point?

Sure, we could make the  title painfully accurate, but Gods, Sons-of-God-Who-Are-Also-God-Depending-On-Your-Dogma, Prophets, Sages and Allegedly Fictional Beings of Eldritch Horror (AFBEH for short) Occasionally Playing Poker But More Often Derailed In Entertaining Fashion just… well, it just doesn’t “pop.”

About the Author

Who IS Slappy McGillicutty?

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  1. Kristen

    Any chance of guest appearances by Bob and the Flying Spaghetti Monster? :D

  2. red

    I think I know who you are Slappy. I’ve read through the archives, and the artwork and humor seem just like…well, I won’t out you on your own page, because I have respect for your privacy.

    …But I know you! Good to see you back in action!
    (and can I buy a book of GPP?)

  3. Intern Mike

    Thanks for keeping Slappy’s secret identity ;-) He’s hard at work on a a book of some sort now. He won’t actually let the rest of us see it, but says it will be ready when the ’stars are right.’ Or something like that. He was drunk and mumbling at the time. Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled in a couple of months.

  4. MistressPrime

    We are in great debate over who’s who on the comic with all the goddesses playing poker from February 17th?

    I believe that it is L-R: Freya, Hera, Tzipporah, Bast, Mary, and Kali. I know other’s listed them as: Athena, Hera, Tzipporah, Sekhmet, Mary, and Kali. Are any of us correct?

  5. Intern Mike

    It is very tempting to let the debate rage; however, Freya doesn’t like that sort of confusion and I’m not man enough to possibly get on her bad side. From left to right it’s Freya, Hera, Tzipporah, Bast, Mary and Kali so you win the prize!

  6. Stranger527

    Hey, Uncle Slappy! Here’s a tip for ya! http://io9.com/5921074/christi.....reationism I think the URL says it all.

  7. Intern Mike

    Much appreciated! You managed to send Uncle Slappy into a rage ;-)

  8. Mike D

    Hey, Uncle Slappy! What’s your rules if I want to reproduce one of your comics in the context of an article on my site? (I can’t find any Creative Commons license or other info . . .)

  9. Intern Mike

    Hi Mike,

    We love to share so please do reproduce our work, but we do ask that you give a link back to our site in some way and display the copyright mark that we put on each comic. Also, if you’d like to have particular comics I can provide you with the GIF or higher resolution JPEG files.


  10. nlp

    I have a suggestion for Douche of the week.

    I couldn’t figure out how else to submit it.

  11. Intern Mike

    We have a page on Facebook. Here is fine if you don’t have/want a FB account :-) Your nomination is noted. Thanks!

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