Halloween Makes Everything Better

Psychiatrist Dr. Kieth Ablow called for an “American jihad” suggesting that everyone on earth would be better off if they were governed by our Constitution. Ablow wants us to pick up the work of Woodrow Wilson to “Christianize and Civilize the rest of the world.  Sadly he is ignorantly using the rhetoric of violence to advocate for governments to peacefully transition to some form of democracy.  Dr. Ablow is clearly an idiot with no sense of history or shame.

I’m used to conservatives careless bandying about of phrases like ‘Crusade,’ but to call for the U.S. to use ‘Manifest Destiny’ or ‘Jihad’ as an excuse to again attempt to conform the world to our warped reality is less than ideal.  Ablow’s call that we tell others what to do when we have so fully allowed our own Republic to be transformed into an Oligarchy is infuriating.  Then to wrap that all up in the nice neat bow with the term ‘American Jihad,’ is enough to make anyone apoplectic with rage.

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