Reader Luis Abbadie sent in this comic with a tremendous example of stupidity going on down in Mexico. Says Abbadie, “I ask you, how couldĀ I skip a chance to have Moses and Cthulhu discussing Mexican government policies and Santa Muerte?”

Santa Muerte

Oh yes, the stupid, it certainly does burn.

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  1. Dauric

    In theory I agree, except for one little caveat:

    They’re using those altars as storage for their drug stashes.

    Now being religiously ‘other’ myself I have no problem with any religion as long as they ‘live and let live’ as it were. However using religion to shield illegal activity (Catholics and pedophiles, Militant Muslims and mosques, …) is not piety, it’s opportunism.

  2. Luis Abbadie

    Glad you liked it, it’s great seeing it here!

    Dauric: Agreed, using religion to cover up drug dealing is wrong, but the way I hgeard it in local news, many believers who knew nothing about that dirty business used to visit these shrines; corrupt priests should be arrested, drugs confiscated, but wrecking the shrines? I’d like to see them plummeling down the statues of Christ and the virgin at a catholic church where something similar was found, the outrage would be tremendous!

  3. Dauric

    I don’t argue there’s a double standard when it comes to the desert religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Being the ‘Big Three’ of religions they seem to be able to afford the arrogance and ignorance towards anyone of any religion outside their own mythos. Quite frankly I’d like to see Mosques that house active combatants to be treated as valid military targets and dealt with accordingly.

    (Comparison to bankrupt automakers and morally bankrupt church bureaucracies… naw couldn’t be…..*)
    *Note, my complaint is with the church bureaucracies, not necessarily with the people themselves. I believe a certain Mr. J. from the west bank region had similar grievances in his day…

    That said, the shrines they destroyed were in a town that borders the U.S. and Mexico, not a country-wide purge of shrines to the Death-Saint or any others.

    Was it overkill? Probably.

    Is it something for the citizens of Mexico to be vigilant about in their government? Everything any government does must be scrutinized.

    Is it necessary to use the overplayed tactic of ‘religious persecution’ in this case (and threaten a ‘crying wolf’ scenario in the future), or are there better arguments about constraining knee-jerk government overreaction and the need for a functioning judiciary to issue warrants and protections for private property?

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