Take the Reins Off Your Brains part 3: Fox News Bingo! (Do Your Own Fact Finding)

Strip reference: Olbermann: There Is No ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ (VIDEO)

Fox News Bingo!


Hey kids, watch Fox News? Now you can play Bingo along with the Gods with our handy PDF Bingo Cards, each emblazoned with a different member of the GPP cast. Fun for the whole family. Warning: Do not use as a drinking game. (May induce alcohol poisoning.)

Bingo Card 1 ♣  Bingo Card 2 ♣  Bingo Card 3
Bingo Card 4 ♣  Bingo Card 5

Or… join Buddha and make your own Bingo Card!

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  1. Tobimaro

    I happen to think that, many years ago, that Dennis Miller was funny. In fact, I owned his “Off-White Album”. He seems to have fallen off of the comedic rails, most likely during his stint as a color analyst for Monday Night Football. Now he’s pathetic.

  2. Retiarius

    I love the idea of Fox News Bingo, but playing would mean that I’d actually have to WATCH it. Nothing is worth that. I can barely stand watching clips from it. It makes my brain puke.

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