Mormonish? Mormish?

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  1. Fred

    Yeah, I find this practice really irritating. I’m pretty much convinced there isn’t a god anyway, so their little play acting has as much effect on the real world as something I might do in an RPG, but it’s still insulting to the people they’re targeting.

    Of course this means I have to promote All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay. Every time I see a news article about the Mormons ‘converting’ more dead people, I stop here and ‘convert’ a few Mormons.

  2. red

    First, I deny that Mormons are Christian. Second…EWW! How is that even possible? To be baptised requires to be alive? What are these crazy people trying to pull?

  3. Mark

    You guys know that “baptism” doesn’t really do anything, right? The only thing that happens when you get baptised is that somebody says “Hey, you’re baptised”.

    On the other hand, the All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay web site may be a little conservative in its claims. As far as I can tell, it works on live mormons too! It even works on Catholics! The only problem is that it makes the *closeted*, not *out*.

    (You don’t believe me? I converted both Romney and Santorum. You can’t prove they are not closted gays!)

  4. Intern Mike

    They’re just lazy, not wanting to make up a new word like ‘Scientology’ ;-)

  5. Intern Mike

    I’m going to say that they are definitely closeted Gay men just on general principal.

  6. Stainless Steel Fox

    “That’s all we need, a Mormish Princess.”

    “Funny! She doesn’t look Mormish.”

    Point and laugh at these idiots, point and laugh.

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